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Vital Vision MS 1200

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Vital Vision 1200 f  (click for Introduction)    ALSO:   Please click each Picture below xq

Item No. :  Vital Vision MS-1200  f   (Click For  Detailed Instructions...Getting Started)

Product Name:  Arterial Stiffness (Elasticity) & Blood Pressure Monitor
f  (Click For How it Works)

Blood Pressure: Taking Your Blood Pressure Correctly  f  (Click For Details)

Description  : 
  • Better choice of health management
  • Patented technology from Japan
  • Measuring blood pressure, pulse rate and Arterial Stiffness Index as well
  • Display average ASI reading of latest 30 measurements
  • Efficient observation for trends of arterial health condition
  • Monitoring progress of medical treatment and/or medication
  • Early screening of cardiovascular diseases
  • Performance indicator showing effective changing in lifestyle, eating habits, and attitude toward working and exercise
  • FDA & CE 0044 approved

    Features  : 
  • The world's first home use device for measuring arterial hardness (H-Value)
  • Computer controlled automatic linear deflation / exhaust valve to fit various sizes of cuff
  • The averaged H-Value displayed automatically when the device turned off
  • 30 sets memories + average (H-Value, blood pressure & pulse) + date/time
  • Automatic inflation w/3 preset pressure levels (180 / 210 / 240mmHg)
  • 3 min. automatic power-off
  • Low battery indicator

    Specification  : 
    Measuring methods:Oscillometric 
    Memory function:Storage / Recall 30 measurements + Average
    Display:Digital LCD: 49.0 x 57.0mmDigit Size: 7.8 x 12.5mm
    Measuring range:Pressure: 20-280 mmHgPulse: 40-180 / minute
    Sensor accuracy:Pressure: Ī 3 mmHgPulse: Ī 5%
    Inflation system:Auto inflation with 3 preset pressure levels (180 / 210 / 240 mmHg)
    Deflation system:Computer controlled Linear Deflation / Exhaust Valve
    Arm size range:22 - 33 cm, (9 ~ 13 inches) 
    Batteries / Adaptor:a) 1.5V Alkaline (LR6 / AA) x 4b) DC 6V, 800~1000mA
    Automatic power-off:Approx. 3 minutes after measurement 
    Reference method for clinical trials:Auscultatory measurement 
    Weight:Approx. 676g (without batteries) 
    Storage and transport condition: -10℃ ~ +60℃, 10% ~ 95% RH 
    Operating condition: +10℃ ~ +40℃, 10% ~ 85% RH 
    Standard cited:EN 1060-1, EN 60601-1 
     EN 1060-3, EN 60601-1-2 
     EN 14971 

    Certificate  :  CE 0044 FDA


  • Proper Use of the Vital Vision MS-1200 Arterial Hardness and Blood Pressure Monitor

    The use of the Vital Vision MS-1200 Arterial Hardness and Blood Pressure Monitors requires an understanding of the features of the Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI) and the Arterial Hardness Value (H-Value) which involve a professional expression or symptom related with Medicine and Pathology.

    After many years of studying the use of the Vital Vision MS -1200 it was determined that a feature regarding Arterial Elasticity Indication (AEI) regarding the Brachial Artery would provide better understanding for the users.

    AEI has 8 increments as readings which are shown after each single measurement. These 8 readings can be simply divided into two groups. The 1st to 6th increments are grouped as the first part and the 7th & 8th as the second part. The fewer increments shown indicate better arterial vessel elasticity.

    There are many factors which affect the arterial vessel elasticity and the results for each measurement taken, to include the factors of weather, temperature, surrounding, emotion, stress, etc. If the user continuously observes the readings of the AEI and observes the trend of 30 measurements as indicated on the Vital Vision MS-1200, there is an indication of a trend of the userís health condition.

    It is recommended that users establish their baseline average AEI reading as a reference standard, after completing 30 measurements by taking 1~3 measurements a days. An AEI reading average of 5 increments may reduce to 4 increments due to life style changes.  As an example, changing to a healthier diet, reduction in fat and salt intake, weight loss, eliminating tobacco products and limiting alcohol intake: improved sleep and proper exercise; less working stress, all may cause an improved AEI reading.  Help from certain nutritional supplements, prescriptions, medications or therapy, can also provide for a healthier arterial vessel condition.

    If the average AEI reading moves forward to higher increments after a period of time, it is certainly advisable to go for further physical check ups and look for professional help from physicians and consultants to understand the arterial condition.

    This device does not offer information as to how or why it indicating poor arterial elasticity. Only further tests like blood analysis and other physical examinations by physicians can help.
    If the AEI readings always show the 7th or 8th increments, this device may not be suitable as the arterial elasticity diminishes under various reasons, including the aging process or other problems.

    The Vital Vision MS-1200 is not build and designed for patients suffering symptoms of vascular diseases.

    Questions and Answers

    1. Is Vital Vision MS-1200 a diagnosing device or monitoring device?
    Vital Vision MS-1200 is a monitoring device only. It does provide useful information for tracking the hardness of the brachial artery; however, it will not replace the doctorís final diagnosis.

    2. Can one measurement tells the user if he or she has Arteriosclerosis?
    No, this device will not provide diagnosis of any diseases. Through the daily observation of The Arterial Hardness Value ( H-Value) measurement, the user will have a better understanding of his or her tendency of arterial hardness. This device will serve as an early screening device to warn the user  to take corrective action through changes in life-style or further physical check-ups.

    3. What is the difference between arterial hardness and Arteriosclerosis?
    Hardening of arteries is a description of a gradual occurrence of  a physical phenomenon. Arteriosclerosis means that the hardening of the arteries has reach a point that can be diagnosed as a disease.

    4. Is the hardening of arteries a natural occurrence or a disease?
    Arteriosclerosis is a silent killer. The hardening of arteries progresses without prominent symptoms of cardiovascular diseases.  Therefore, without early prognosis a person may suffer greatly when the arteries reach to a dangerous degree of stiffening. Many factors go into forming the hardening of arteries. According to researchers,  changing to a healthier diet, reduction in fat and salt intake, weight loss, eliminating tobacco products, limiting alcohol intake, improved sleep, proper exercise and less working stress, all may lead to an improved AEI reading. One should begin monitoring their H-Value (arterial hardness indicator) as early as possible to avoid these life-style related diseases.

    5. Is the Vital Vision 1200 suitable for children?
    The test population in Vital Visionís clinical test covers 30-year-old and above.

    6. Is H-Value (arterial hardness indicator) directly correlated to blood pressure?
    According to the clinical test, there is no direct correlation between H-Value and blood pressure. In other words, one may have high blood pressure with normal arterial hardness.


    7. When measurements of H-Value and blood pressure fluctuate, does it mean the device is inaccurate? 
    Both H-Value and blood pressure fluctuate through out the day. It is normal the see fluctuation in H-Value and blood pressure.

    8. What is an acceptable range for measurement fluctuations in H-Value and blood pressure? 
    Normally, fluctuation of the measurement in H-Value should be within 3 bars. The fluctuation in blood pressure could go as high as 30 mm Hg in some people.


      9. Why is fluctuation of the measurement  greater in some people than in others?

    Unlike body temperature, which is maintained in a smaller range of fluctuation, the fluctuation in H-Value and blood pressure is a bodyís reaction to changes in external environment and emotions. Some people are more emotional than others, in which fluctuation of measurements is more prominent.

    10. Does human emotion play a great part in measurement fluctuations?
    See 9 above

    11. Can other brand's devices be used as standard to check Vital Vision 1200's accuracy?
    No, the only way to validate a deviceís accuracy is through clinical test according to international standard protocol. No one brand can be used as a standard for others.


    12. Should I save the Instruction Manual for later use?
    In order to obtain accurate measurement result, it is very important to follow the instructions in the manual. Keep it in a save place for reference at a later time.

    14. What should I look out for when using this device?
    Before measurements are taken, please be seated, relax for a few minutes. Be still when taking measurements and refrain from talking and looking around. If you should take another measurement, please rest for another 5 to 10 minutes. This allows the artery a chance to recover from the great cuff pressure of  the previous measurement.