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                      Pitcher Of Life t Click pitcher below or here to order q
The Pitcher of Life comes with one cartridge.  Each Cartridges makes 40 Gallons of delicious Alkaline Water  -  cost: 75 cents per gallon.  1 year Warranty

Product Features             Alkaline Diet (see below)


Reduces: VOC's, Herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, Pharmaceuticals, Inorganic Compounds, Heavy Metals ( Lead ), Nitrates.


Improves: Odor/Taste - This media has been tested and certified by the National Testing Laboratories for lead and 55 VOC's Reduction and for chlorine, taste, and odor removal.


Alkalizes and Mineralizes: REDUCES THE ORP WHILE increasing the pH of drinking water from the nominal 7 to a range of about 9 to 10 has many health benefits attributed to the addition of bicarbonates to our body's health system. A radical new "Alkalizing" media that can raise the pH of water to the 9 - 10 range very quickly, but does not allow the pH to elevate to undesirable levels even after extended contact. Unit ADDS HEALTHY Calcium and Magnesium to the water.

Product Description

Our Pitcher of LIFE uses technology developed for NASA to filter harmful substances like VOC's, pesticides, heavy metals while increasing pH and adding beneficial minerals.

Product Details

Item Weight: 4 pounds

Why I like my Pitcher of Life      January 28, 2012

By Brahman

I actually have been drinking ionized alkaline mineral water for 16 years and like the taste and understand that filtering water is important, especially now days with all the contaminants. I bought one of these pitchers about 5 months ago and take it with me when I travel. Yesterday I took a pH meter and tested the water in the pitcher and found it to be a 9 pH and the antioxidant level was in the negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) range, which is good. Most water is a positive ORP which means it oxidizes the cells. Like the air does to a fresh cut apple - making it brown.

I like this product and am buying one for my Mom's birthday. My Dad always said to do research before you do anything and I'm glad I understand how this pitcher works and how it is better than a Britta. Take Care!

Love this water, amazing pitcher!      January 30, 2012

By FoxyBurner

The water out of this pitcher tastes awesome!

A friend of mine turned me on to this, I tried the water out of hers and it tastes amazing! I got mine, they sent it right away, and I couldn't be happier. This water really tastes better, and I do feel more energy. I was skeptical at first that a pitcher could make that much of a difference, but it does!

This Pitcher of Life is so worth the price, the water really is better.

The Pitcher of Life comes with one cartridge.  Each Cartridges makes 40 Gallons of delicious Alkaline Water.   cost: 75 cents per gallon.

3 Cartridges for The Pitcher of Life from Life Ionizers
Price: $59.95

Pitcher Of Life from Life Ionizers
Price: $49.95

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