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What is Fulvic Acid (not folic acid)? Why is Fulvic Acid so important?

Fulvic Acid is a Humic substance and/or extract which appears to be the end product of nature's humification process that is involved in the ultimate breakdown and recycling of most once-living plant matter. It contains most all of the phytochemical protective (anti-aging / antioxidant) nutrients and substances from the original living Organic plant matter. Thus, Fulvic Acid has been highly concentrated, refined, transformed, and enhanced over hundreds of years by the actions of innumerable and microscopic Organically complexed plants
Even the smallest strands of RNA, DNA and Organic plant photosynthetic material still remain in tact. Over time, the original components become Organically complexed and enriched with metalo-enzymes and other Organic (and carbonaceous materials), which have proven to have numerous miraculous capabilities and perform critical intra-cellular functions when ingested or applied topically to the skin
Because Fulvic Acid is so highly refined and so naturally chelated (i.e. ultra tiny size and ultra low molecular weight) by nature itself, it consists of 100% Organically complexed and ultra tiny molecules which can easily penetrate human tissues and cells. For this reason, it is highly bio-active on the cellular level providing innumerable bio-chemical and metabolic detoxification functions. Thus, it is unquestionably the most rare and valuable of all humic substances known to man. Thus, the short term health benefits as well as the long term clinical results (as seen with numerous medical applications of Fulvic Acid) are scientifically phenomenal and even medically outstanding.
Scientists theorize that mother-nature meant for small amounts of Fulvic Acid to participate at virtually every level of life by way of Organically “linking” the entire food chain. Scientists believe that Fulvic Acid actually “bridges the gap” between inert (inorganic, colloidal and/or dead) Trace Minerals and living 100% Organically microcomplexed™ (carbon based) Trace Minerals, poly-electrolytes, and metalo-enzymes.
Scientists also believe Fulvic Acid directly participates in the “spark of life” itself because Fulvic Acid does contain latent solar energy matter as well as remnants of most all plant photosynthesis.
We believe Fulvic Acid is simply nature's most precious form of protection and defense for most all plants, animals and even man. Unquestionably, it is tied very closely with immune system functions and has exceptionally powerful antioxidant (anti-aging) qualities.