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Feeding Programs

Cardio Cocktail
$39.95 (plus S & H)
32 Ounces per bottle
2 Bottle Minimum
Race Formula
$85.00 Per Kilogram Canister
$950.00 Per Case of 12 Canisters
(Add S & H)
There are 35 Scoops per Canister
Joint Cocktail
$34.95 (Plus S & H)
2 Bottle Minimum
32 ounces per Bottle
I Gallon $219.00 (Plus S & H)
5 Gallon $619.00  (Plus S & H)

30 Tub $129.95 (Plus S & H)



These programs are created for trainers that are concerned with obtaining maximum performance and optimum health for their horses. Special needs for each horse require that a customized high bioavailability supplement program of the finest quality be implemented to obtain the best possible results.


Program Preparation: Once the horse has been on Race Formula and Cardio Cocktail for at least two weeks there will be a significant advantage when Race Formula and Cardio Cocktail are used together as a prerace 
Prerace Program: The horse is given a mixture of of Cardio Cocktail and Race Formula which is used as a pre-race mixture from 2 (ideal) to 8 hours prior to running. Two (2) to four (4) scoops of Race Formula are mixed with 4 ounces Cardio Cocktail and administered orally. We recommend the use of a dosing syringe.
Physiology of What occurs in the System of the Racehorse. The Cardio Cocktail with its L-Arginine and L-Citrulline dilates the skeletal and cardiac muscle blood vessels to increase blood flow to these working tissues. This allows the heart rate to go up slower during the course of the race, enabling the racehorse to remain in a state of aerobic metabolism longer into the race without sacrificing any speed. This Pre-Race use of the products delays the onset of fatigue by producing additional buffering to counteract the accumulation of lactic acid, induced by anaerobic muscular activity.
The Race Formula increases red blood cell production while stabilizing the pH of the blood. This improves oxygen delivery to the tissues during the race. The combined effects of increased circulation and red cell count, coupled with a much slower rate of oxygen unloading provides amazing results. All products are natural and safe so you are free to use them at all racing venues without the fear a positive test result.  The continued use of Cardio Cocktail and Race Formula, on a daily maintenance schedule will enhance the effects of the two products when used as a Pre-Race.


Program Purpose: This program is designed to help with the repair inflamed or damaged joint and then provide a solution to maintain the health of the joints in the horse. There are additional benefits to this program in addition to healthy joints.

First Month Feeding Schedule. The effects of both Joint Cocktail and Colloidal Gold are cumulative in nature. Once they have been built up in the joint only maintenance doses will be required.

We recommend that you give three (3) ounces twice daily (6 ounces total) of Joint Cocktail for the first month. That dosage will require five (5) bottles.  The estimated cost of the dosage for the first month will be $200.00.

We recommend that you give two (2) ounces of Mesogold Colloidal Gold twice daily (total 4 ounces per day). The approximate cost for the first month will be $219.00 if purchased in the gallon size and $125.00 per month if purchased in the five (5) gallon size.

Maintenance Feeding Schedule. We recommend that you continue a dose of Joint Cocktail of one (1) ounce twice daily for a total two (2) ounces as a maintenance dose. The cost of this maintenance dose will be approximately $70.00 per month. The maintenance cost of Colloidal Gold will be half of the first month cost.

Physiology of What occurs in the System of the Racehorse. Joint Cocktail is the first liquid product to utilize the breakthrough nutrient Cynatine FLX™. Cynatine FLX™ contains Functional Keratin™, extracted from natural New Zealand wool. Unlike all other keratins on the market, Functional Keratin™ contains patented intact bioactive keratin proteins that have not been denaturalized through a harsh hydrolyzation process.

Cynatine FLX™ also provides a non-allergenic alternative to marine derived materials, unlike most glucosamine ingredients and contains no products derived from processed animal cartilage, unlike most chondroitin ingredients. Cynatine FLX™ is a highly potent enzymatic antioxidant, which means one molecule can neutralize significantly higher numbers of free radicals than most traditional antioxidants. Also, Cynatine FLX™ supports the body’s production of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione which are important nutrients in combating the effects of oxidation.

In addition, Joint Cocktail delivers Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a vital nutrient for joint health. Hyaluronic Acid a viscous, slippery material that lubricates the joints, maintains the shape of the eyeballs, and is a key component of connective tissue. HA is instrumental in giving your skin volume and fullness by absorbing and holding over 1,000 times its weight in water. It also transports nutrients to parts of the body, such as cartilage, that don't receive a supply of blood. Joint Cocktail also provides Vitamin D3, an important nutrient to overall health and vitality. It also includes colloidal gold, which enhances the performance of the other ingredients, and tart cherry juice, considered to have one of the highest antioxidant capacities of all known fruits and vegetables.

The much smaller size of the gold nanoparticles in Mesogold produce a much higher particle surface area than other brands. It is the particle surface area which determines the effectiveness of a colloid. Colloidal Gold has been proven to effective for its anti inflammatory benefits and other properties in providing relief from joint pain. Colloidal Gold provides a wide variety of other benefits.


Program Purpose: This program is designed to help with the repair damaged tissue to include muscles and ligaments. There are additional benefits to this program in addition to healthy muscles and ligaments.

First Two Weeks Feeding Schedule. We recommend that you start with a full scoop twice daily and watch the healing process for up to two weeks.  This product is best distributed by the circulatory system when used in conjunction with Cardio Cocktail (which provides many additional healing benefits as well). Cardio Cocktail is given in one (1) ounce doses twice daily with each feeding of StemEquine. Each horse is different and the extent of the injury is likewise different. The speed at which results will occur will vary with each horse.

The anticipated cost for the first month is approximately $200.00 for StemEquine and $75.00 per month for Cardio Cocktail. Thereafter, the cost of StemEquine will be $130.00 per month and Cardio Cocktail will remain at $75.00 per month.

Maintenance Feeding Schedule. We recommend that you continue to provide the horse with StemEquine in with half (1/2) scoop twice daily in accordance with the following table after you are satisfied with the healing process of the horse. Continue to feed Cardio Cocktail in one (1) ounce doses daily.

The recommended to feeding of scoops to your horse the scoops for optimum healing is as follows:



Under 800 lbs1/2 Scoop
800 – 1200 lbs1 Scoop
Above 1200 lbs 1 1/2 Scoop
Frequency: 1 - 2 times a day

Physiology of What occurs in the System of the Racehorse.  StemEquine increase the production of Stem Cells in the Bone Marrow. There are many other additional benefits in addition to repair of damage tissue.

StemEquine® is made of 100% natural, organic Aphanizomenon Flos Aqua (AFA) extract. At the bottom of the food chain, this blue-green algae is the most nutrient-rich known food, with an outstanding levels of chlorophyll, vitamin B12, beta-carotene, iron, protein, enzymes in a completely assailable form 5. It contains 40% more calcium, 100% more chromium (a major anti-aging mineral), 275% more chlorophyll, 5 to 10 times more vitamin C than Spirulina. AFA provides a 55% higher assimilation rate of Spirulina.

As a result, the consumption of blue-green algae can help to nourish the body, increase energy, oxygenate cells and increase longevity by improving the overall physical and mental health.

In brief, AFA has been found to contain phenylethylamine (PEA) which is responsible for providing a feeling of mental energy, phycocyanin responsible for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, a polysaccharide responsible for supporting the immune system, and most recently an L-selectin ligand responsible for supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow, and another extract, a polysaccharide-rich fraction named Migratose™ that may support the migration of stem cells out of the blood into tissues, which is the main purpose of StemEquine®.

The addition of Cardio Cocktail facilitates the transportation of StemEquine®.

Get yourself and your horse started with a 21st Century Supplementary Feeding program that makes sense and please stay in touch. Your health is important to us so please make it important to you. Remember "The Time is Always Now."