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Cost Comparison Cardio Cocktail vs Individual Components  

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Cost Comparison Cardio Cocktail vs Individual Components 

Cardio Cocktail Price Ingredients Purchased Separately - one month supply

L-Arginine (5grams per dose) and L-Citruline*


OPCís (from grape seed extract)**


Vitamin D (2000iu per dose)**

$ 5

Omegas (from perilla oil)**


EDTA (oral chelation)**










Tart Cherry**

$ 6

Red Raspberry**




Fulvic Minerals**


Total cost if purchased separately       $304


Cardio Cocktail Retail Price:  JUST $99 per bottle.

Factory Direct Autoship Price JUST $69 per bottle.

Our Price with coupon $45.95 per Bottle.  Call 845-353-7519 for coupon.


SAVE up to $295 per bottle compared to separate purchased ingredients

*The leading product on the market with both L-Arginine and L-Citruline **We used the leading brand and/or average online price.

Call 845-353-7519...Ask for Peter